Burn Brite lights reputation for reliability is proven by the fact they’ve been the light of choice in Australia’s industrial and mining markets for over 60 years.


They withstand these tough environments because they’re made in Australia from high quality, durable components. So if you need a rugged, portable light that won’t let you down - you know you can rely on Burn Brite to provide effective lighting solutions that are ‘Built To Last’.


Key people

Peter Dickeson
General Manager

Ian Cameron
Product Manager - Mining

Rik Holdsworth
Product Manager - Industrial


Burn Brite has over 60 years experience in the
design and manufacture of portable and fixed
industrial, hazardous area and mine lighting.

The Ampcontrol Group is one of Australia's largest electrical engineering and manufacturing companies. 


Burn Brite was acquired by Ampcontrol in December of 2007. Burn Brite added to the group a range of world class lighting solutions that Ampcontrol could utilise in their primary markets servicing hazardous mining environments.

Within the group, Burn Brite are part of a collective pool of specialist engineering talent that allows quality research and development and the resources to ensure the absolute best quality Australian designed and built lights in the industrial market.