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Burn Brite defies harsh environment with new generation industrial LED

The Alpha Lite range incorporates portable hand-held work lights, fixed installations and temporary lighting systems in a wide range of operating voltages, sizes and cable configurations to ensure there’s an Alpha Lite to light up almost any job.

Alpha Lites are intensively engineered and showcase Burn Brite’s next generation technology featuring high intensity LEDs as well as an extremely durable construction to maintain reliable performance.

 The heavy duty, yet lightweight, non-metallic polycarbonate housing and fully solid-state LED light source  overcomes the effects of dust, water, sunshine, chemical, impact and vibration.

 The range is available as IP66 and IP65 units, making them ideal for use in construction and industrial sites, quarries, tunnels and mines.

 As well as carrying on Burn Brite’s ‘built to last’ legacy, Alpha Lite’s boast superior energy efficiency, drawing half the energy of traditional fluorescent lamps to produce the equivalent lumen output.

 Within the Alpha Lite range, lumen output ranges from 350 to 3700 lumens.

 The specialised LED array also maximises effective and efficient light output and minimises heat build-up. The design also ensures Alpha Lites won’t dim along long power cables or during voltage disturbances and won’t adversely affect a system’s power factor.

Alpha Lite range comprises of Alpha Lite Max (240VAC, 24-32VAC and 12-24VDC), Alpha Lite Compact (12-24VDC, 24-32VAC and 240VAC) and Alpha Lite Mini (12VDC and 240VAC) with a variety of cable configuration and lengths available.

 Alpha Lites are offered as portable work lights or as custom designed, fully integrated permanent lighting systems. Burn Brite’s engineering team are experienced in designing lighting solutions to specification, taking into account application, environment, energy supply and relevant standards.

 The full range of lights is serviceable, repairable and carry a two year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Burn Brite AlphLite Max Fluorescent industrial lighting

LED technology enhancing safety

Underground coal mining requires safe, effective and durable lighting solutions. By improving visibility, reducing glare and decreasing maintenance requirements LED technology is enhancing safety in these environments.

Improved visibility is critical in maintaining a safe working environment underground, with poor lighting cited as a contributing factor in many underground accidents.

Glare is a significant issue in determining the design of illumination systems for underground coal mining. Traditional fluorescent lighting creates a wide and broad dispersion of light which generates spill light that can contribute to reflection or glare off PPE cap shields.

In comparison,LED light sources are directional where 100 per cent of the light emission from the LEDs is directed onto the task area, maximising lighting efficiency, minimising spill and reducing the instances of glare. The white light emissions from LED sources also allows for more precise colour recognition when compared to that of fluorescent lighting. This provides a strong contrast to black backgrounds and a high perception of illuminance.

Reducing maintenance requirements

By design LEDs reduce maintenance requirements and increase safety through reduced downtime, instances of failure and maintenance. Also, LEDs last significantly longer than fluorescent lighting options reducing maintenance costs and the instances of individuals conducting lighting maintenance in hazardous areas. LED manufacturers state a useful working life in excess of 50,000 hours, equating to over five years of 24 hour use.  In comparison, the working life of a fluorescent light is significantly less than five years and therefore requires more frequent changeout of the light source, more maintenance activity and potential operation impact. LEDs do not typically catastrophically fail, as is usually the case with fluorescent lighting, but rather the light output generally decreases over time. This allows for a regular maintenance schedule and replacement prior to failure, maintaining consistency of lighting thus improving safety underground.

Durability is paramount underground where lighting is required to withstand high levels of vibration and mechanical movement as well as high pressure washes and cleaning to remove surface dust. LED fixtures for underground mining are made of clear solid resin and are IP66 rated making them more compact and robust.

Decreasing power requirements

The industry is trending towards intrinsically safe low voltage lighting. This trend is due in part to LED technology that operates at lower voltages in comparison to traditional lighting options operating at higher voltages. Specialised low voltage power supplies provide regulated 12VDC power that has multiple levels of over voltage and over current protection circuits to ensure that should an overload or short circuit occur, there is not enough current to create sparks to ignite any presence of volatile gasses.

Longwall lighting solutions

Burn Brite, a Member of the Ampcontrol group, has developed an innovative IS LED Lighting System that mounts high intensity, long-life LEDs into a low profile static dissipative light enclosure. Designed with safety and ease of maintenance in mind the lighting system has been installed in many Australian longwall mines.

Underground mine lighting; longwall mining; coal mining

Burn Brite opens new engineering and manufacturing facility in Victoria

A strong commitment to innovation and product development is driving the impressive growth of Burn Brite, with the opening of a new facility in Victoria to manufacture its range of hazardous area, portable and fixed industrial and mine lighting products.

Ampcontrol’s Burn Brite facility was officially opened Monday 2 July by Australian Industry Group’s Chief Executive, Mr Innes Willox.

As the leading supplier of turnkey lighting systems to Australian longwall mines, Ampcontrol’s Chief Executive Officer, Geoff Lilliss, believes the technical capability of the company is behind its success.

“We have built a reputation for engineering and manufacturing world-first products. Burn Brite, as part of the Ampcontrol Group, is an Australian-owned business, designing and manufacturing a range of industrial lighting products in Australia for the global market”, said Mr Lilliss.

“Our investment in this new facility reinforces our confidence in the industry despite the decline in some parts of the Australian manufacturing sector.  We have increased our employee numbers by 40% to cater for our growth and have experienced increasing sales, particularly across our two innovative mining products – the IS LED Light and the IS Power Supply”, Mr Lilliss said.

“Our longwall mine lighting system which combines these two products is now installed in almost every longwall mine across Australia. Our customers recognise the safety innovation and technical capability provided by these products”, Mr Lilliss said.

In attendence to officially open the new facility, Ai Group’s Chief Executive, Innes Willox commented that Ampcontrol’s Burn Brite business is representative of the new era of manufacturing in Australia where innovation and skill are behind the sustainability of the business.

“At a time when many manufacturers are doing it tough, it is a great to see businesses such as Ampcontrol’s Burn Brite who are adapting and indeed thriving due to their strong commitment to innovation in engineering and manufacturing processes”.

“Looking around this new facility it’s evident where manufacturing in this country could take us with the right investment in skills and technology,” Mr Innes said.

The new facility has been designed using lean manufacturing principles which focus on minimising waste in terms of efficient use of time and materials.

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